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Beginning his solo career way back in 1999, singer / songwriter John Taglieri has released a total of nine albums to date between his solo releases and his band TAG, beginning with Leap Of Faith“, which garnered him a record deal, a ‘Male Pop CD Of The Year’ award & worldwide notoriety. In 2005 Taglieri broke all the rules and quit his nice, comfy, well paid day job to strike out as a full time musician. Not only did he succeed but he has bypassed any expectations he may have had, touring an average of 230 shows per year, securing sponsorships, opening for national acts, and seeing the world…all culminating in the 2012 release Lucky #9 topping out at Number 2 on the Amazon AA chart and spawning two Top 5 singles, including the chart topping, “Make Me Believe.” “It’s been amazing to me to be able to make a living making music, seeing the world and working with my idols for as long as I have. I can’t believe I’m about to release my tenth CD…I’m truly a lucky person…” said Taglieri.

With The Very Best Of John Taglieri…The Songs That Should Have Made Me RICH!!!, John delivers a 20 song extravaganza celebrating his career, which pulls two songs from each of his nine releases and also brings two previously unreleased tracks, ‘What I Wanted After All’ and ‘Back To You‘ out of the archives and made available to the public for the first time. Taglieri said of the new tracks…”The two new tracks are GREAT songs that I’m very proud of and excited to finally get out for people to hear! I’d have them for a bit and was waiting for the right time to release them…and well, this is it! What I Wanted After All is a fun upbeat pop rocker about how sometimes getting what you want turns out to not always be…well…what you want! LOL. And Back To Youis a bouncy rock/country-ish feeling song about trying to convince someone that’s leaving you that coming back is the best decision they can make and the one you want to make. Something i’m sure we’ve all been through!”

As for the album’s title, The Very Best Of John Taglieri…The Songs That Should Have Made Me RICH!!!”, it’s John being himself, humourously self deprecating. “Hey, we all want to be rock stars and drive the fancy cars and have the big house!! Well…I guess 1 out of 3 isn’t bad!! LOL… I’m still amazingly lucky to have my career and be able to do all the things I do. So maybe now as a collection, these damn songs will finally make me RICH! haha!”

The Very Best Of John Taglieri…The Songs That Should Have Made Me RICH!!! is out digitally worldwide on 23 October via Leap Dog Music.

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