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Judah of isn’t just speaking out about his own experiences with mental health, but he is also using his musical platform to provide comfort to others who may be experiencing anxiety and depression.

The band’s most recent single, “Beautiful Anyway” confronts the listener with a powerfully candid dialogue about the inner workings of mental health struggles. However, Judah shares that the song comes from the point of view of a friend who is watching a loved one suffer.

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have long been champions of honesty and openness when it comes to mental health, and that commitment continued earlier this summer with new single “Beautiful Anyway” which hits #13 on the Alternative Chart this week.

The track was recorded by the trio – Judah Akers, Nate Zuercher, and Brian Macdonald – at Nashville’s Ivy Hall with the band’s longtime partner in production, Drew Long, in early March before Tennessee was hit with devastating tornadoes and the country went into lockdown. After a tumultuous year, Zuercher opened up to Akers about feelings of depression and hopelessness, and “Beautiful Anyway” was written from Akers’ desire to lift his bandmate and brother up, Zuercher explained in an interview with American Songwriter. The song is drenched in ’s signature folk-infused rock, building with positivity and encouraging anyone who listens that whoever you are, you are enough.

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