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We the kings - indigogoFresh from their from a hugely successful 40-city U.S. headlining tour, today announced that they will begin work on their fourth, as-yet-untitled, studio album.  This time though there’s a twist:  the band chose to skip the label and instead engage directly with their fans with help from the massively popular Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.

“You guys [the fans] are the reason we’ve made it this far to begin with,” says lead guitarist Hunter Thomsen.  As singer Travis Clark continues:  “You can expect this to be the best album we’ve ever made, because there are no strings attached.  We are the ones deciding everything about this album and with your help we can truly make the best WTK album yet!”

The band will be offering a variety of perks for the fans that opt to contribute.  The perks range anywhere from digital delivery of the album 24 hours prior to release, to letting a fan record vocal tracks on the new album.

Their Indiegogo campaign page can be found here:

dipped their feet into the life of a band without a label earlier this year when they self-released the song “Just Keep Breathing” direct to fans on iTunes. It saw immediate success as a Top Five iTunes track, a debut on the Billboard “Hot 100 Singles” chart, and first month sales of over 149,000.  “Just Keep Breathing” was subsequently followed up with two more successful direct-to-fan releases on iTunes, “Find You There” and “Any Other Way.”

“Things without a label, they’ve been…different.  It’s pretty much taken everything we possibly can to do anything & everything,” says Clark when asked about life without a label.  “We hope you’ll contribute as much as you can to help our dream of making our 4th studio album all by ourselves.”

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