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KUBLAI KHAN - band promo - 4-11-16 will head back out on this summer, spending August and September on the road in support of their latest release New Strength.

This will be the band’s first American tour since December 2015 due to the fact that lead vocalist suffered unforeseen nerve damage to his arm and back.  Honeycutt has made a full recovery and doctors have given him the green light to tour again.

will be supported by Philly’s finest Jesus Piece and by , who are the pride of Sheffield, England.

“We are excited to be getting back on our grind with Jesus Piece and ,” Honeycutt said. “I am stoked to be back on the road where we belong.”

Energetic, aggressive, and passionate music. A four piece metalcore band based in north Texas. We say what’s on our hearts to express how we feel, who we are, what we stand for, and won’t stand for, as well as the problems of our generation. In hopes of tapping into the underground and revealing the unseen lives and feelings of the youth in modern American society. We are fighting to make an impact in a music scape bogged down with meaningless lyrics and recycled with mindless music. Trying to push messages that often get overlooked or ignored in the nation today, hoping to use our music as a vessel to relate with people and emit hope.


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