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Le Reverie Band“The Dream” by Los Angeles-based Goth-Symphonic Metal band Le Reverie has been selected as the theme song for upcoming horror movie thriller “Lake Eerie” starring veteran actor Lance Henriksen. Written and directed respectively by Meredith Majors and Chris Majors, “Lake Eerie” – set for a  Summer 2014 release – is about a young widow who moves into a house on Lake Erie to recover from her husband’s sudden death, who is then enveloped by a whirlwind of tragdedy and dark forces and must fight back and figure out the evil truth before it’s too late. More on Lake Eerie at

Le Reverie’s unique musical mix of progressive rock, metal, classical symphony and goth is fronted by enchanting vocalist, Allie Jorgen. The Los Angeles-based rock band’s album Dark Symphony  won “2013 Best Group CD” from the L.A. Music Critic/Examiner, who exclaimed, “Allie Jorgen and Le Reverie are smokin’ hot rock stars and one of the best things to come out of L.A. in many years. With acts like them, the Strip could find itself back in its glory days when Rock reigned.”  Jorgen is also the Los Angeles reporter for music/entertainment publication, National Rock Review.


Le Reverie CD COVERJPEGLe Reverie’s “Dark Symphony Gets Shining Reviews

“Le Reverie delivers a Goth-fueled arena-sized vision exemplified by the darkly sensual ‘Twisted’ and ‘Le Reverie,’ with heaps of hard-rock riffage and haunted yearning. (Allie Jorgen’s) vocals are strong on power balled ‘The Ghost Of You,’ with its Stevie Nicks aura.”


“Dark Symphony sounds like it should be coming out of northern Europe rather than right here in America. I would liken this band to the sound and feeling of bands such as Dream Theater, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil and a bit of early Evanescence. A great album by a great band!”


“If you’re a fan of symphonic-styled epic rock with sorrow in their hearts, you might well rejoice as another quality act are added to the community. Dark Symphony is a good debut album; ten tracks with meat on their bones, and a compelling lead vocal performance by Allie Jorgen.”


“Dark Symphony is a remarkable album, deftly combining a dazzling array of influences into a unique and enthralling whole. Allie Jorgen’s vocals are rich and warm, and she conveys emotion like a master on the metal title track.”


“Le Reverie (‘The Dream’) catches you with its metal-influences guitar and rhythm, paired with use of piano and (Allie) Jorgen’s soaring vocals. A solid release…a strong future for Le Reverie is in store.”


“Le Reverie will lure you in with their haunting melodies and dark heavy tracks…Dark Symphony demands the attention of diverse fans of Progressive Metal music. The songs boast an array of powerful progression and passion while still retaining its heavy metal attitude.”


“On Dark Symphony Le Reverie stands out and separates themselves from similarly-sounding bands of their ilk. A noticeable lingering air of darkness and layered sound runs through the album on such standouts as ‘Le Reverie (The Dream)’ ‘Hold Me Down’ and ‘Pleasure & Pain.'”


“Not since Fleetwood Mac was fronted by Stevie Nicks has a band been fronted by such a hauntingly, bewitchingly beautiful singer. Allie Jorgen handily commands the mic, stage, persona, and vocals as well as any veteran rocker who comes to mind. An incredible merging of Goth, Prog, and Metal with some very healthy doses of symphonic bliss.”


“Fine collaboration of Goth Prog-Metal dreamscape music. Top-notch musicianship. I get this feeling I’m on a sonic caravan with an aural backdrop of nebulous and shadowy landscapes leading the listener to soft swaying fields of nirvana. Are you ready to take a symphonic journey? If so, there is no looking back!”


“I received Dark Symphony and found this collection of work to be a truly magnificent gem of musical composition. Le Reverie has taken traditional rock, Gothic music, progressive metal, and classical symphonic stylings, and blended it into a perfect creation of emotionally stirring music.”


“An interesting blend of Goth rock, Metal, Prog Rock and even symphony music as in the album’s opener, ‘La Naissance.’ ‘Twisted’ is another example of Le Reverie’s fine musical and songwriting skills. Powerful and enthralling chord progressions, and songs that create poignant visual images in the listener’s mind.”


“Majestic melodies and soaring female vocals from (front person) Allie Jorgen are a guarantee on this release with highlights including the orchestral instrumental opener ‘La Naissance’ and the piano-led ballad ‘Ghost Of You.’ Well worth checking out.”


Dark Symphony is a collection of well-written songs along the vein of Evanesence with a pinch of Prog. Allie jorgen’s vocals weave a hypnotic spell through each track that takes the listener to a different realm.”


“Le Reverie have managed to take the sound of Evanescence and bring it to a whole new level. At once aggressive and melodic, they are clearly not afraid to push the boundaries of what is considered metal. While many bands seem to be a one-trick pony, Le Reverie bring epic scope while stripping it down and nearly pulls it off with perfection. 4 out of 5 skulls (covered with black candles).”


Dark Symphony is a mesmerizing opus.”


“Fronted by the amazing Allie Jorgen, Le Reverie’s Dark Symphony is twelve tracks of amazing hard rock with a progressive undercurrent. ‘Hall Of Mirrors’ and ‘Dark Secrets’ continue the terrific momentum set by the previous tracks. ‘Truth & Lies’ and a reprise of ‘Ghost In You’ ends this amazing album. 9 (stars out of) 10.”


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