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Shawn Barusch and Music Gallery International are very proud to announce the signing of the legendary rock band ! Originally formed by the iconic of and ’s was never given a chance to reach its full worldwide potential due to the untimely passing of . Now the time has come for to grab their place in the modern day rock n roll landscape with a solid steel line-up, a new album entitled Hit The Ground with a European as well as a Japanese release through Marshall Records and in North America through Better Noise Music formally Eleven Seven Music, home of such artists as Motley Crue, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach and HellYeah. and NOW a freshly signed deal with Music Gallery International to really put things in motion and make this band an international Success!

Shawn Barusch had this to say, “I would like to say I am Honored and humbled to be a part of such an Amazing band of individuals. Their music is reminiscent of my roots that helped establish my love for Rock and Roll in its purity. With a worldwide release and tours being already considered, we are All VERY excited to bring this to the masses!!”

Hit The Ground has been received with universal praise as a truly great album. Archer’s guitar work is honed to perfection with balanced amounts of soul and shred to make you want to dust off your old air guitar and get busy. Mike Dyer’s vocals are powerful, heart felt and strong enough to go head to head with any of the greats. Bassist Dave Boyce (The Quireboys) and drummer Benjy Reid (Praying Mantis) bring a rhythm section that drives hard and fires like a well-tuned engine.

Guitarist and Grand Slam co-founder , “Really looking forward to working with Shawn and all at MGI and associates. The goal is to get into America with a proper release and promotion and get the Grand Slam music to the people. I believe like other Brit bands our destiny is Stateside. I can’t wait to get going and so we can get this train rolling Worldwide. I know our songs are gonna hit the ground running out there, good old fat hard British rock!”

Grand Slam is rolling into 2020 with a vengeance. Expect heavy touring and radio to support their exceptional album Hit The Ground as well as new videos, merch and lots of surprises for their fans.

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2 thoughts on “Legendary Rockers Grand Slam Joins Music Gallery International Roster

  1. Co-founded by Laurence Archer? He’d wish. Grandslam evolved from Phil Lynott’s Solo Band with John Sykes and Mark Stanway. Archer was replacement for Sykes who sadly left for Whitesnake. Not much connection to Phil’s old band in this newish line up especially without Stanway. And what’s a band worth that constantly needs to repeat that they consider themselves as legendary? If they were they wouldn’t have to tell everyone.

  2. Grand Slam was founded by Lynott and Stanway. Archer only came in after Sykes decided to leave the band. Stanway revived Grand Slam some years ago. Why is he no longer involved? Not much of Grand Slam left without him.

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