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It may be year-end, but that doesn’t mean Atomic Action! Records is slowing down. The latest offering from the East Coast label is New Magnetic, the debut album of post-hardcore quartet Holy Hands. From lush power ballads (“Love Is Love”), to feral ‘90s callbacks (“The Arrow”), New Magnetic embodies an evolutionary leap that would make Darwin proud. Ahead of the album’s December 15 release date, New Noise is now streaming the 10-track stunner. Listen to New Magnetic today.

Trailing a cassette demo and EP released in 2016, are now postured for a headstrong, heartfelt debut. Hailing from the fertile fields of the New England DIY scene, is built on a stacked lineup boasting both past and present members of Sweet Jesus, Fiddlehead, Raindance, Fault, Supermachiner, and Daltonic. Each member’s tenure in the punk and hardcore scenes is barefaced—manifesting with heaving basslines, flittering riffs and hot-blooded vox. 

With a reverence for the past and sights set on the future, New Magnetic fully realizes the tenets first unveiled with the band’s Sweet Love EP. Addressing themes of peace, love, and justice, tackle ad rem topics with tried-and-true post-hardcore sensibilities. Engineered and mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios and emblazoned with packaging masterminded by Ron Henry Wells and J. Bannon, New Magnetic is a triumph in every way. 

New Magnetic is due out December 15 via Atomic Action! Records. Stay tuned for future updates. 

New Magnetic Track Listing: 

  1. The Arrow 
  2. Coleman
  3. Black Paint
  4. Bombs Aren’t Beautiful
  5. Constellations
  6. Love Is Love
  7. Summer Rain
  8. Discouraged Ones
  9. Will Resist
  10. New Magnetic North

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