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Finland’s youngest thrash export, , have posted the first single from their upcoming album entitled Fast Loud Death. Listen to “Trash All Over You”via their official band page on the Nuclear Blast website and download the track for free! You may also view it below.

“Many people have asked us why we misspelled the song title and we always give the same answer: It’s not about the thrash genre, but depicts how the whole world is collapsing on you,” commented  guitarist/vocalist Samy Elbanna. “All the problems in the world seem to pile up and you get trashed all over. The song carries the feeling of being mad at everything and everyone at the same time – it’s something we all can relate to.”

Find out why no less than the legendary Mille Petrozza of KREATOR praises  and listen to “Trash All Over You” today!

’s debut album Fast Loud Death was crafted under the watchful eye of famous producer Nino Laurenne (AMORPHISENSIFERUMLORDI) at the prestigious Sonic Pump Studios (FINNTROLLSONATA ARCTICAOMNIUM GATHERUM). The fantastic cover artwork was designed by no less than the infamousEd Repka (MEGADETHDEATHSANCTUARYVENOM). 

Fast Loud Death will be available in North America both digitally and physically with two bonus tracks via Nuclear Blast on March 19.

Fast Loud Death track listing:

  1. N.W.L.
  2. Trash All Over You
  3. E.A.G.
  4. KILL (Those Who Oppose Me)
  5. Bitch, Out’ My Way
  6. Fast Loud Death
  7. Lead Through The Head
  8. Diary Of A Thrashman
  9. Toxic Avenger
  10. This Is Me
  11. Braindead Metalhead
  12. Piss Out My Ass
  13. Fatal Anoxia
    Bonus tracks:
  14. Escape From Delirium
  15. I Stole Your Love (KISS cover song)

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