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the-magpie-salute-poster-2017-sold-out wants to thank music fans in NYC for the love. The newly formed band instantly sold out their first-ever show in NYC (January 19 at the Gramercy Theatre), and immediately added–due to popular demand–three more shows (January 20, 21, 22) which have sold out as well.

Last week, Rich Robinson–singer-songwriter-guitarist and co-founding member of The Black Crowes–announced the formation of . It’s an exciting new band that brings together four key members of The Black Crowes–Rich, guitarist/vocalist, guitarist Marc Ford, keyboardist Eddie Harsch, and bassist Sven Pipien–with members of Rich’s own band: drummer Joe Magistro, keyboardist Matt Slocum, and backing vocalists Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen, along with some other friends (read the launch press release here). See the graphic below and watch the trailer shot in Woodstock, New York here.

“It’s been a better welcome than we could’ve ever hoped for,” says Rich Robinson when asked about the instant thumbs-up from fans. “We are humbled by the outpouring of support. It feels powerfully real.” He adds: “So far we’ve heard such excited and truly positive thoughts from everyone. We are grateful for the response.” Marc Ford says the fans “seem to be very excited. I’m excited. I’m just starting to see how much this music means to people.”

‘s four sold-out shows will draw from The Black Crowes catalog and solo material from Rich and Marc, plus more. Explains Rich: Yes, we will continue in the long line of digging deep into my old Crowes catalog, some great covers–some we’ve done before, and some we’ve never played–and some of Marc’s songs off of his new record. We look forward to the shows and what may come.

At the Gramercy, the band’s set lists will vary from show to show, keeping the music fresh for the musicians and the audience. Says Marc: “I don’t think I would do very well in a situation where there’s no danger. It has to stay interesting to us. If we weren’t in to it, how could the listener be? I think we’ll mix it up.”



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