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Portuguese extreme progressive metallers MALEVOLENCE proudly announce the band is from this day forward represented exclusively in BRAZIL via the metal alliance build up amid the band and the BRAZILIAN metal unit METAL GENERATION.

This blending shall propel the name MALEVOLENCE to the BRAZILIAN audiences in a straight and more effective level going under representation beneath the moniker MALEVOLENCE BRAZIL METAL GENERATION TEAM.

By giving coverage to a vast spectrum of genres, extracting out the best of every metal scene and expanding everything in between around the large territory of BRAZIL, METAL GENERATION stands forth as a media vehicle dedicated to the promotion of everything METAL.

HENRIQUE CAMPOS (director) from METAL GENERATION discloses the following statement about the partnership:

“It’s a massive emotion to be from now on representing everything MALEVOLENCE beneath the BRAZILIAN territory. I am sure the BRAZILIAN fans will rejoice with the music excellence of MALEVOLENCE whilst discovering everything the band has done ‘til this day. This partnership will also benefit our scene in the process meaning that even more people will know about our own BRAZILIAN metal culture abroad. Indeed, it’s a flattering position to be the MALEVOLENCE ambassador down here!”

ANTITHETICAL, the 3rd full length album from MALEVOLENCE shall be released on the market during 2013. SLITHERING the first song extracted from the album saw the advance self titled video surpassing recently +3500 views on YOUTUBE. On the same page the audio single via SOUNDCLOUD reached lately 1000 online plays. These are all excellent results further propelling the band’s name worldwide.

The first results from this alliance are currently under development and along with the release of the 2nd ANTITHETICAL single shall be revealed soon.

Keep your eyes to see & your ears to hear with reference to ANTITHETICAL!

/// A L E V O L E N C E

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