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Markus Johansson 4ARM PromoDue to serious family issues John Paul Glovasa was forced to make the difficult decision to step down from his position as lead guitarist in the band! Quoted saying,  “It was by far one of the hardest decisions i have ever had to make.” though Danny, Mick and Andy wish Johnny and his family all the best! a hole needed filling.

With a bunch of European festival dates coming up the band began the search for the man that would become the new lead guitarist of . After hours of youtube clips and file sharing the guys narrowed in on Chicago based Guitarist Markus Johansson! “We were able to kinda speak the same language right from the first time we met” Says front man Danny Tomb, “He just ticked all the right boxes for us, I really felt that I was already talking to “the new guy.”

Johansson who is a self taught lead guitarist from Chicago, U.S.A has kept busy through the years working on solo projects with members from Anthrax, Testament, Dethklok, Dream Theater and  Halford as well as members from Forbidden, Chimaira  and Six feet Under. After being told he got the job Johansson had this to say. “I am beyond excited, proud, and ready to shred it up with Australia’s !”

Johansson is Endorsed by and uses Jackson Guitars, Randall Amplifiers and is part of the Gibson family! The band is also very pleased to announce that Markus will be joining them for the European dates scheduled in June, July and August. So be sure to catch the new this summer!

See Markus shred Submission for Liberty.

See 4ARM live this Summer!

28/06/13 – 29/06/13 Hard Rock Laager Festival, Vana-Vigala, Estonia

21/07/13 Metal Days Festival, Tolmin, Slovenia

25/07/13 Rock Im Bentonwerk, Mittelbach, Germany

01/08/13 Metal Heads Mission Festival,Simferopol, Ukraine

08/08/13 – 10/08/13 Getaway Rock Festival, Gavle, Sweden.

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