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Martyr Defiled-No Hope No MoralityNo hope. No morality. Bleak words perhaps, but then MARTYR DEFILED has never been a band for the faint of heart. Having forged a reputation as one of the most savagely brutal live acts in the UK, MARTYR DEFILED has returned with their sophomore offering, No Hope No Morality, which will be released on April 28th in Europe and on April 29th in North America via Siege Of Amida/Century Media Records.

Following international touring with the likes of ALL SHALL PERISH, THY ART IS MURDER, DESPISED ICON and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, MARTYR DEFILED is primed for total domination with their darkest, heaviest release yet. Mixed and mastered by Andreas Magnusson (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, DESPISED ICON), No Hope No Morality channels a more groove-laden template to the band’s sound. Lincoln’s heaviest have produced a sonic recreation of a beautiful nightmare: city-leveling riffs meet bone-crushing breakdowns, embodied through powerful songs that are sure to devastate in the live arena.

No Hope No Morality track-listing


2. Demons In The Mist

3. Sineater

4. 616

5. No Hope

6. Neverender

7. Under The Influence

8. The Taste Of Iron

9. Of Sheep & Swine

10. Deathstare

11. No Morality


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