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Meshuggah 2’s headed to México and South America – home to some of the most passionate metal fans known to humanity.  Exactly how passionate?  Oh, you know… the kinds of fans who forsake eating and save their money for three months to buy one single concert ticket; the kind who sing guitar solos en mass out loud; the kind who rip out their own hair and leave it on the venue floor as offerings to the bands they love.

What we’ve got here is what the National Weather Service states are the three necessary ingredients for a “perfect storm”:

a)      A flow of cool & dry air generated by a high-pressure system from one direction (i.e. )

b)      A flow of warm air from a low-pressure system from another direction (i.e. México & South America)

c)       Tropical moisture (i.e. the blood, sweat, and tears of joy courtesy of fans)

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

11/08/13  Circo Volador – Mexico City, MÉXICO

11/12/13  Theater Caupolican – Santiago, CHILE

11/16/13  Carioca Club – São Paulo, BRAZIL

Following this landmark tour, Africa and Antarctica will be the only two remaining continents as-yet-physically-untouched by a live MESHUGGAH concert.

I Am Colossus,” “Demiurge,” and “Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion” are MESHUGGAH’s latest videos.

KOLOSS can be purchased in CD, deluxe digi-pak and vinyl versions from the Nuclear Blast USA Webshop & is available digitally on iTunes.

Download MESHUGGAH’s free 2013 Pitch Black EP at SCION A/V:

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