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Frank Tosi, the driving force behind ’s DesDemon, resurrects his band  after the demise of DesDemon and announces an open call for a vocalist.

Originally established in 2001, had rose quickly in the metal when signing with Music, to opening for respected Dragonforce, Kamelot, and Moonspell.  The imploded prematurely during their recording sessions in 2006.   Frank Tosi mentions deserved a lot more than what was afforded at the time. I’m a little older now, I have more knowledge, contacts, and  I’m a much better musician now.  As much as I will always love and cherish the good points of what DesDemon became, I know will be much more appealing to a broader spectrum of fans.”

is currently holding vocalist auditions globally.  If interested and have the passion and the vocal range similar to: Priest, Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Diamond, Huntress, Slayer, or Firewind, then contact us.  Frank Tosi states, “ looking for someone who is seasoned, dedicated, have similar interests, able to front a band, and write quality lyrics”.  Metadox will their existing material and collaboratively write new music for pre-production of their debut release.

Provide some information about yourself, any audio, video, or EPK links.

All interested, please contact Frank Tosi at:

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