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On the heels of the excitement of the recent announcement that west coast metal veterans  will release From the Vault on April 10, 2020, the band has released a lyric video for the first track from the collection, “Dead On The Vine.”  Recorded in the summer of 2019, the song started from an idea that began when Mike Howe returned for the XI release. Remaining unfinished from that album, Kurdt and Mike got together to complete the version that is featured in the new lyric video. The lyric video for “Dead On The Vine” can be seen here:

From The Vault is a special edition compilation album that features 14 previously unreleased tracks from the Mike Howe era, which include four newly recorded studio tracks including a redux of the band’s fan favorite classic “Conductor.” The remaining tracks are compiled from various recordings in the band’s history and include five tracks from 2018’s Damned if You Do recording sessions, three cover songs and two live tracks “Agent Green” and “Anthem to the Estranged” which was recorded at the famous Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan on the Damned If You Do world tour. Tracks 1 through 4 were mixed and mastered by Chris “The Wizard Collier” (KXM, Whitesnake, Prong, Korn) and Tracks 5 through 14 were mixed & mastered by Kurdt Vanderhoof

The album is available for pre-order in numerous configurations including a limited edition twenty-two-page comic book via Rat Pak Records here: The comic book ,“Return of the Fake Healer” ( featuring the artwork of mid-west comic book illustrator Andrew Owens), also comes with an additional compilation CD which features a mix of “XI” and “Damned If you Do” tracks as well as 2 previously unreleased mixes of “Killing Your Time” and “Needle & Suture”.  is also available via all digital retailers and fans that purchase a digital copy will receive an instant download of “Dead On The Vine.” The digital pre-order can be found here:



  1. Dead on the Vine 
  2. For No Reason
  3. Conductor [redux]
  4. Above the Madness 


  1. Mind Thief
  2. Tell Lie Vision
  3. False Flag
  4. Insta Mental
  5. 432hz


  1. Please Don’t Judas Me [NAZARETH COVER]
  2. Green Eyed Lady [SUGARLOAF COVER]
  3. Black Betty [RAM JAM COVER]


  1. Agent Green [LIVE IN JAPAN]
  2. Anthem to The Estranged [LIVE IN JAPAN]


  1. “Killing Your Time” (Wizard mix) [digital and comic CD version only]
  2. Needle & Suture” (Metal mix) [digital and comic CD version only]
  3. “The Enemy Mind” (XI bonus track) [digital download version only]
  4. “The Coward” (XI bonus track) [digital download version only]

Born out of the West Coast Metal scene of the 80’s,  quickly became one of the standout talents of the genre. After signing a deal with Elektra records, they released two critically acclaimed albums, their self-titled release  and The Dark. With the heavy metal scene starting to rise in the U.S., Metal Church set out on a very successful tour with label mates Metallica. They tackled political and social issues of the day with the releases of Blessing In Disguise and The Human Factor. At a time when heavy metal bands moved from the underground and became part of the hair band/pop fad, Metal Church stayed true to their roots. In March of 2016 Metal Church released their eleventh studio album XI that reached #57 on the Billboard Top 200 and also landed on several other charts around the globe. Metal Church’s previous album Damned If You Dowas the follow up to XI and landed on numerous charts around the globe in 2018. The album has been described as a cross between the band’s iconic Blessing In Disguise and The Human Factor albums. 

Metal Church is:

Mike Howe – Vocals

Kurdt Vanderhoof – Guitars

Stet Howland – Drums

Steve Unger – Bass

Rick Van Zandt – Guitars

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