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Metallica The Thrash Stash formed in 1982 in California, took over the world, and redefined the meaning of heavy metal on the way. It’s not often you get to see your favorite band go from playing a club the size of the Marquee to a cavernous concert hall such as Wembley Arena in the space of twelve days, but is no ordinary band. And this is no ordinary story.

: The Thrash Stash (Backbeat Books, Oct. 1, $45) contains all you need to know about the hard-working, creative, and genre-defining band: history, tours, music, members, and more. From dingy basement clubs in the early 1980s to recording with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and Lou Reed, this stash of treasures takes you along on the wild, wild ride that was the evolution of this hugely successful band.

: The Thrash Stash comes in a protective slipcase and contains removable replications of rare facsimile memorabilia, such as concert flyers, receipts (for Cliff Burton’s bass guitar, for example), a set list, and concert tickets from different eras of the band’s history. Fully illustrated with color photos on almost every page, the book includes band member bios, album discussions, and thumbnail descriptions of released live recordings and bootlegs.

“As they strode unassailably towards the top of the heavy metal tree, Metallica once again played Wembley Arena. Two nights this time, and these shows included the famed Snakepit, another attempt to keep that link with their fans. My pass on one of those nights granted me access to said pit, and without hesitation I entered as the band struck up the opening bars of ‘Enter Sandman.’ I hadn’t even considered the effect such close proximity to the on-stage pyro might be. A full 20 years down the line I think my eardrums have just about recovered!”
—Jerry Ewing, from the introduction

Jerry Ewing grew up in Sydney, Australia, in the 1970s, where the AC/DC bug bit him at an early age. Unhappily hauled half way around the world to the gray drizzle of England, he sought solace in the burgeoning sounds of the new wave of British heavy metal. Somehow a degree in management science led to his working on Metal Forces magazine, from which point he’s never looked back. He has since worked on Metal Hammer, launched both Classic Rock and Classic Rock Presents Prog magazines, and worked for Maxim, Vox, Stuff, and Bizarre magazines, as well as presenting many different radio shows over the years and writing an increasing amount of books on music and football. He wrote AC/DC Treasures.

Oct. 1, 2013                   $45                   Hardcover w/ slipcase   11” x 9.5”         64 pages           9781617135682                Approx. 125 color and B&W photos throughout           US rights only

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