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“Stay” is the latest single from the critically acclaimed “Nomad” album from 2015. It comes with at video that shows Mike Tramp in total isolation, living the life of a forest worker in the beautiful Scandinavian woods.

Mike: “With this video I’m opening a new chapter and taking one step further towards being who I am, and distancing myself even more to the past. All the packaging have been shaved of and its just me – being me.”

Following up on “Nomad”s succes and the award for “Classic Rock Album Of The Year” at High Voltage Rock Awards, “Stay” is being played heavily on Danish national radio P4, just like the first single from the album.

Tramp is playing a bunch of festivals with his band during the summer, including SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL, JELLING FESTIVAL and NORDIC NOISE FESTIVAL, just before he embarks on a massive solo tour around The US ending up playing at the MONSTERS OF ROCK CRUISE.

We are pleased to present the video “Stay”!

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