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Originally released back in 2013, “” is the seventh studio by the well-known former White and lead singer, MIKE . Recorded at Medley , in Copenhagen, with producer Søren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Pretty Maids, Tygers Of Pan Tang), it displays a back-to-the-roots folk style rock.

“Cobblestone Street”, can easily be called the that grounded me and made me take a good look at where I was and where I to go. Sometimes when you’re lost, just go back to where you started, the answers are usually there“, says. “Not just did I go back to the neighborhood where I was born and raised, but also to earliest form of music I remember. is where it all started” he adds.

…And now it’s time for a revamped reissue of the album. The “Cobblestone Street” 2021 version will be released in 180g LP in yellow, and green vinyls (each limited to 100 units, hand-numbered by Mike Tramp). All exclusively available at Also out: a thematic “Cobblestone Street” t-shirt and CD version.

02. Caught In The Storm
03. New Day
04. Ain’t The Life I Asked For
05. Revolution
06. We’ll Be Alright
07. Or
08. Find It In Your
09. Once
10. What Are You Gonna Do


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