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Modern Superstar - Rise Above has revealed the and track listing for their upcoming August release Above’. A bit of a departure from their previous sound and headed in a new direction, Above’ features new vocalist Chris ‘The Kid’ Nichols.

“There were some inevitable changes in the and we decided to roll with it and go -piece. There is always some type of adversity in this but we move forward and ‘ Above’ Chris came in and just killed it. The changes have really been for the better in regards to the band. There is probably a good some where in here, LOL.” says bassist Mike Mackey

Track Listing: 

1. Show
2. Bleed
3. Love Is
4. Dirty Girl
5. Devil’s Redux (Featuring Xander Demos)
6. Above

MODERN SUPERSTAR will be heading out on a support with the beginning August 31. For more information checkout


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