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Last June local LA musician Dan Sindel was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue. On July 12, 2012 he had major surgery and had to have over 1/2 of his tongue removed to clear the tumor. He went through 6 grueling weeks of radiation as well as a few chemo treatments. He is steadily recovering and so grateful for life itself, the amazing doctors who saved him and the immense support from family and friends.

As Dan says:
“The rate of cancer cases is growing and affects so many people. I want to make an impact to try and save lives. I can best help by raising money for cancer research through the gift of my music.

Plateaus:  I have put a nice collection of 9 experimental/instrumental rock tunes together that I have recorded using my home studio. I wrote all the songs, played all the instruments, programmed all the drums and synthesizers, recorded and mixed the entire project by myself.”

Each song embodies a number of influences and musical styles; classic rock, progressive rock, heavy metal, alternative, industrial, folk rock, blues, electronica, ambient, jazz etc… It’s all there!  I hope you will enjoy the music.

Into The Ether  – Dan’s first video single from Plateaus

2 thoughts on “Music for Cancer Research! Dan Sindel – Plateaus “NEW RELEASE”

  1. Thank you Screamer Magazine for supporting this cause. We successfully raised over $1000 and monies were sent in to the Cancer Research Institute (CRI). The album is now available for download worldwide via iTunes and Amazon.
    Dan Sindel

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