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Necrowretch - Bestial RitsFrance’s most vicious death metal band is back! After releasing their debut album Putrid Death Sorcery earlier this year, NECROWRETCH has now unleashed their new compilation, Bestial Rites 2009-2012, today in North America. To purchase Bestial Rites 2009-2012, please visit iTunes for a digital copy or CM Distro for CD imports.

Bestial Rites 2009-2012 includes all tracks from NECROWRETCH’s demos and EPs, as well as an unreleased cover version of MERCILESS’ “Pure Hate”. The cover artwork for this compilation was once again created by Milovan Novakovic, who previously worked with NECROWRETCH on their EPs, Putrefactive Infestation and Now You’re In Hell, as well as Putrid Death Sorcery. For a preview of Bestial Rites 2009-2012, be sure to check out the previously released track “Sadistic Expiation“, named a “punishing necksnapper” by

Bestial Rites 2009-2012 track-listing

1. Putrefactive Infestation

2. Sepulchral Pleading

3. A Rancid Spree

4. Sadistic Expiation

5. From A Hideous Summoning

6. Zombie Ritual (DEATH cover)

7. Pure Hate (MERCILESS cover)

8. Evil Dismay / Necrollections

9. Unholy Stench Of Sin

10. Supposed To Rot (NIHILIST cover)

11. Called From The Grave

12. Regurgitated Remains

13. Impending Morbidity

14. Repugnizer

15. Assumed Dead

16. Rising From Purulence

17. Buried To Death

Tracks 1-4: taken from the Putrefactive Infestation 12″ MLP, originally released on Detest Records in 2011

Tracks 5-6: taken from the Now You’re In Hell 7″ EP, originally released on Detest Records in 2012

Track 7: previously unreleased track, recorded in 2012

Tracks 8-10: taken from the Necrollections demo tape, released on Aural Offerings in 2010

Tracks 11-17: taken from the Rising From Purulence demo tape, released on Adzove Vrbe Records in 2009



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