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NEGATIVE CRUSH - promo - 1-27-16Janurary 27th 2015-San Francisco, CA   Doom/Post-Metal artist negative_crush will release his debut album titled invisible weapons on label Sold.Grey.Sky.Recordings.

The record is a monolithic slab of guitar driven machine noise, powered by the angst generated when human connections become meaningless, and nearly every song is heavy enough to break your heart to pieces. Despite the blackened layers of distortion, the songs still retain a structural core that nearly conforms to pop music, even when they appear to be literally disintegrating through your speakers.

The first single off the album, starling has premiered on Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“My ultimate goal with the record is to make people want to jump off their roof. In my mind, it’s as close to emotional quicksand as any record I’ve ever heard. There’s a universal need to see one’s pain inflicted on others, and this album is the only one I’ve ever made that expresses it so completely.”-Tyler Newman negative_crush


  1. your punishment begins at home
  1. the capitol of painnegative_crunch_album_art - 1-27-16
  1. starling
  1. twilight hospitals
  1. monokrom
  1. the ghost of myself
  1. your secret is safe with me
  1. splendid chemicals
  1. disappear here
  1. invisible weapons
  1. burning red sun
  1. too many of us are dying

invisible weapons can be pre-ordered HERE

About negative_crush

Love is a fragile and violent emotion, its essence both immediately familiar yet entirely unknowable, its power both gripping and intoxicating in equal measure.

The debut album from negative_crush, “invisible_weapons”, is the latest attempt from prolific producer Tyler Newman to distill the most powerful of human feelings into a single devastating musical expression. Best known for his work in the industrial rock scene, as the main engine behind Battery Cage and Informatik (both Metropolis Records acts), he returns with an album driven entirely by his own vision.

Due to his insistence on performing, recording, and engineering entirely on his own, the album took nearly four years to complete from start to finish. Despite using a mixture of acoustic and electronic sources, it remains difficult to tell which parts are programmed or performed live; indeed it can often be hard to know whether any individual sound is made by a guitar or synthesizers.

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