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After releasing their brutal six track masterpiece “Coils of Entropy” at the beginning of 2012 to international praise along with it topping the Canadian College Radio Loud Charts at #1 for the month February and  March and recently winning the Best Metal category at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. Nephelium drummer Alan Madhavan has issued the following statement on the departure of guitarist James Sawyer.

“We are sad to announce the departure of our brother and guitar player, James Sawyer as he has decided to part ways with Nephelium to further his studies in classical guitar and to pursue his degree in music. On behalf of the band, I like to take the liberty in saying that we all have taken from him and learned a thing or two on our journey working with such an intense creative musician.”

His words bear mutual feelings:
“It is with regret that I will no longer be able to continue as guitarist for Nephelium as I am leaving to pursue other interests. I would like to thank all the other members of the band for the opportunity to be a part of Nephelium; it was an honor to work with such talented musicians. I would also like to thank all of the other bands I have shared the stage with as well as all the fans and everyone who has supported me in making my time with Nephelium a very memorable experience! Thanks a million for all your support!!! And to my brothers in Nephelium, I wish them the greatest of success, upward and onward to victory!!! – James Sawyer”

As it is more than well deserved, we wish him every bit of success in his future musical and non-musical endeavors. It was an absolute privilege shattering stages with you brother! You will be missed…to and with all our fans, I raise an e-cheers in James’ honor saying “STAY SIC!!!”

Nephelium is currently writing and recording their follow up to their debut’s album success along with show dates to be announced..

For more info on Nephelium, tour dates and music, please follow the band on their facebook fanpage, reverbnation and Twitter @nephelium.

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