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THE ORDER OF CHAOS PROMO 6-11-15Edmonton, AB’s power metal quintet  has teamed up for the premiere of their new music video and title track ‘Apocalypse Moon’ from their upcoming album being released on July 24th in North America and later this year in Europe via German label Killer Metal Records to follow 2013’s Sexwitch EP. The album was recorded/mixed and mastered at the Physics Lab by Terry Paholek in Edmonton and features twelve brand new tracks that showcase the talent and diversity of one of Canada’s up and coming heavy metal bands. The album features Amanda Kiernan (Into Eternity) on vocals, John Simon Fallon and John Saturley on guitar, Tim Prevost on drums and Duncan Hickerty on bass guitar whom has been recently replaced by Barrett Klesko of All Else Fails for live performances.

Barrett Klesko also runs FadeBack Studios United and directed and edited the video with choreography by Maria Harrigan and makeup by Molly Alanna.

“The Concept behind the Apocalypse Moon music video is the cycle of rebirth. Mankind’s strength is tempered in the the depths of personal darkness.” comments director and new bassist Barrett Klesko.

To watch the video, please visit the following link:

Track Listing: – Apocalypse Moon

1. The Anthem of Pain

2. Death After Life

3. Indoctrination

4. Downfall

5. Evil Surrounds Me

6. Survival of The Richest

7. Apocalypse Moon

8. The Venom

9. Sexwitch

10. Victim of Circumstance

11. Deceiver

12. The Devil That You Know

Chaos and Order, two seemingly opposing forces that, when observed closely enough, work together subtly to create art in its most divine form. Enter , a highly regarded and well respected heavy metal tour de force from the northern wastelands of Alberta Canada. For the last 10 years, trudging through the snow covered landscape, this band has cut its teeth in the most demanding gigging environment this side of the equator. Now, bringing their unique, fresh and well developed sound to a style of music so saturated with sound-a-likes and copy cats, has their sights set across the Atlantic Ocean on the homeland of Heavy Metal… Europe.

With two albums and an EP under their belt, the band is prepared to unleash a torrent of brand new material that will redefine genres and carve a path no heavy metal band has even attempted to produce. Meet Amanda Kiernan, a hurricane of live intensity and energy unmatched by her peers. From soaring melodic choruses to gritty, in your face thrash she doesn’t let up for a moment. Her unique take on metal vocals and prowess as a hybrid singer has affirmed her place in metal history. Backed by the duelling guitar virtuosity of John Simon Fallon and John Saturley, and the brick wall rhythm section of Duncan Hickerty and Tim Prevost, this band is something that must truly be seen to be believed, (just ask anyone who has attended their shows).THE ORDER OF CHAOS CD ART 6-11-15

In September of 2012, after signing with Red Lion Music, The Order of Chaos made their first appearance overseas, stunning fans at the Turock Open Air Festival and in clubs across central Europe. Then again, just seven months later they returned with supporting them on their Electric Punishment Tour, gaining many new fans and quickly securing a solid reputation as a phenomenal live act to behold.

With the future looking bright, the determination to succeed, and the creative talent to put forth a fresh sound for heavy metal lovers everywhere, The Order of Chaos is primed for an assault on stages, record stores and headbangers everywhere.

Shared stage w/:

, , , , Ensiferum, Sonata Arctica, A Perfect Circle, 3 Inches of Blood, Paul Di’Anno, Iron Saviour, Circle II Circle, Ripper Owens

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