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Bobaflex have releasd their debut release with Thermal Entertainment this past Friday, August 25th.  The earlier this year released a  cover “Hey You” which will appear on the album.  The video has already garnered over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

The lead single currently at is “Long Time Coming”.

Early reviews coming in are saying this is Bobaflex’s best release to date.   It was voted as Loudwire’s Most Anticipated Release of August 2017.  Below is the official artwork and complete tracking listing.

Eloquent Demons | Track Listing

Eloquent Demons (Intro)

I Am A Nightmare

Say What You Will

Lights Out

Real Sadness

Off With Your Head

Moon And The Shadows

Hey You


Originating in Mason, West Virginia, Bobaflex is a down and dirty rock currently based in Columbus, Ohio.  The was originally signed by Eclipse Records to release their first full length  Primitive Epic. the went on to TvT Records where they released two albums in Apologize for  (2005) and Tales From Dirt Town (2007). label went bankrupt in 2009.  The decided to go the route and started their own label, BFX Records in 2010.

They released an in 2010 called Chemical Valley. With the exception of a re-recorded version of 2007’s Home, all the songs on the would become part of their full release in 2011  In My  which featured 16 songs and their top selling single to date Bury Me With My Guns Onand their very popular of Sound Of Silence (Simon-Garfunkel).  In My  was followed in 2013 with Charlatan’s Web which included the single I’m Glad You’re Dead their most successful song at radio.   Their last release was 2015’s Anything That Moves and the completed over 300 shows to support it (154 alone in 2016).  Bobaflex’s tireless ethos has also carried into their shows and touring schedule.  Having played all lower 48 states over the last 7 years, they have played 100+ shows every year. This constant schedule has crafted the into one of the tightest and real Rock n’ Roll bands in the country.   Eloquent Demons is their 8th and first with Thermal Entertainment.

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