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Greatest Misses: Deep Cuts and Forgotten Songs from the Shadows of Classic Rock,” a 25,000-word ebook celebrating lesser-known classic rock songs and artists, has been updated and expanded in a second edition that is now available online. The original was published in 2014.

The book is written by award-winning journalist and rock music enthusiast , who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. It is based on extensive internet research, telephone and email interviews with more than a dozen nationally known musicians and songwriters, and personal experience.

Who claims to have never used illegal drugs even though he co-wrote songs about drugs? Forty percent of what group, possibly plagiarized by Led Zeppelin, suffered from schizophrenia? What future author, one of whose books would be turned into a major motion picture, wrote lyrics for a now-forgotten album because his good friend, a future Grammy-nominated producer, was the keyboard player? What movie soundtrack album failed to reach the Billboard charts in the early 1980s but now sells for hundreds of dollars online? What singer and songwriter, whose video was in rotation on MTV, later sold vacuum cleaners for a living?

Readers will enjoy discovering the answers to those questions and more in “Greatest Misses: Deep Cuts and Forgotten Songs from the Shadows of Classic Rock.”


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