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NEW DISORDER PROMO 9-25-15Rome,  based Alternative Metal band  has released their “ (Bloodstreams)” music video (originally premiering with Bloody Disgusting) from their album Straight To The Pain (out September 18th in North America). The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Wolf Recording Studios (San Cesareo, Rome, ) by Gianmarco Bellumori (as a sound engineer) for Agoge Records.

Finally our new album is next to be released in North America and we are so proud and excited about that. The topics dealt range from the death of a friend, love, hate and other strong emotions, to sex spiked with pain, existential issues, as well as escape from popularity’s oppression under a new identity. We decided to celebrate with a new video out just a few days before the album. The song we have choosen for that video has one of the catchiest choruses we’ve ever written and direct, biting lyrics. It takes free inspiration from current events we often read in the newspaper nowadays. We love introducing that song in this way : “When dreams and nightmares collide, things have no sense anymore, and love can be close to hate and joy turns into pain. Now, sit down and be the beholder of the movie of your life” The video is directed by the talented Paul Sciò and starring our friends and musicians Andrej Surace, Francesca Di Ventura and Alessio Secondini Morelli. – Francesco Lattes ()

Pre-order ’s Straight To The Pain on iTunes HERE.
Pre-order a CD copy of New Disorder’s Straight To The Pain HERE.

New Disorder is a five-piece Alternative-Rock band born in 2009 and based inRome, .

The band’s music is an outstanding mix of Rock, Metal, and Punk flowing in a unique solid sound, made by fast drumming, powerful guitar riffs, and catchy melodies.

In 2011 the band released their self-produced debut album “Total Brain Format” that received very good reviews and allowed the band to get radio airplay and play many gigs in the local and national area.

Live activity began even more intensive in 2012, when the band also started to work on some new songs,announcing a new album coming out in early 2013.

The first single and video called “Break Out Into Disorder“, came out in February of 2013, while the band announced a record deal with Revalve Records for the release of their new album “Dissociety“, which came out in March of 2013 and was distributed in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, and Australia.

Soon after the release of the album, the band started its first international tour in North-Eastern Europe (June, 2013).NEW DISORDER CD ART 9-25-15

After some changes in the line-up (September, 2013) and another national tour (Feb-May 2014), the band announced a new record deal with Agoge Records for the release of the new album, “Straight To The Pain” (January 23rd 2015).

“Never Too Late To Die”, the first single from the upcoming album was released in November of 2014.

January 23rd. 2015 the new album Straight To The Pain was released in Italy and western Europe with the band touring throughout Italy.

On Sept, 14th 2015 a video for the second single from the new album “A Senseless Tragedy (Bloodstreams)” was released, and with a new European Tour settled for October & November of 2015.

Francesco Lattes (Vocals)
Ivano Adamo (Bass)
Alessandro Cavalli (Guitar)
Fabrizio Proietti (Guitar)
Luca Mancini (Drums)

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