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New Noise GroupNew Noise Group – a 501(c)(3)(pending) nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles – has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the building of a professional recording studio for aspiring artists. The group has set the goal at $25,000 in hopes of not only providing a free professional-grade recording space for artists with little-to-no budget, but also opening the space for creative development, dedicated classes, and hands-on learning. Kickstarter pledges will go towards securing a studio space, studio computers, audio interfaces, i/o interfaces, preamps, outboard gear, sound reinforcement, cables, headphones, stands, and many other necessary items for a proper recording studio. Once the studio is open, artists will be recorded for free. All studio sessions at New Noise Group will be open for students to sign up and sit in to learn from real-world experiences about record production. The studio itself will be located in a to-be-determined space in or around the Los Angeles area, and is targeted to open on February 1st, 2014.

“Over the past decade or so, the entire music industry has been turned upside down with the digitization of music through Napster, iTunes, and music streaming,” explains New Noise founder and CEO Omid Majdi. “One thing that has remained the same, despite the changes around it, is the record-making process. The only choices artists get these days are to either deal with crippling debt in recouping costs, or take on the challenge of doing it themselves. Our goal is to take the money out of the equation and have an end product that isn’t representative of a massive loan, and also embodies music that was not confined and defined by the money used to create it; we call this ORGANIC MUSIC.”

Some of the outlined classes include:

Intro to Music Production
Recording for the Home Studio
Pro Tools 101
Logic 101
Reason 101
Microphones & Mic Techniques
Critical Listening & Ear Training
Mixing Techniques
Mastering Techniques

Kickstarter donations for New Noise Group’s recording studio and music production education platform can be made HERE, and will end on November 28th. For more information on New Noise Group, visit

New Noise Group Kickstarter Campaign:


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