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“‘’ is laid-back mid-tempo ska at its best, led by a slinky guitar lead from Walker. The upstrokes are never in much of a hurry, laying down an almost-funky groove for Amodeo to deliver the song’s message.” –Matt Matasci, MXDWN, 6/8/21

marks the new spinoff project of the late 90’s SoCal group who first made their mark in 1998 with their debut album on , which featured “” (produced by Mike Ness) and the KROQ hit “Forgiven.”  features members (bass, vocals), (lead guitar), (guitar), formerly of The Offspring, and (drums), along with newly added keyboardist . (Ziggy Marley).

The outfit today (June 9) have shared their debut single and video “,” an infectious slice of pop-anchored rock contrasted with lyrics “about frustration and wanting revenge,” says Walker. The track—which premiered yesterday (June 8) via MXDWN— was produced by Paul Miner (New Found Glory, Agnostic Front, Adolescents, Zebrahead, H2O) and will be featured on the band’s debut EP in November, to be followed by a full-length album in early 2022.  Listen to “” streaming now across all digital platforms HERE and check out its music video, directed by Kerry Donovan, streaming below.


Read a Q&A with about their new music below.


“‘No Mercy’ is about frustration and wanting revenge.  Remember the cartoon with the Devil on one shoulder and the Angel on the other, trying to persuade the person to do their evil or good deed?  Well, this is the Devil talking smack to the Angel and the person.  After all, we are just vessels, here for a while, to do good and evil.”  –Danny Walker

“I think the timing is right for this tune. Fun right out of the gate and keeps you wanting more.” –

Credit: Harmony Gerber


“I said ‘NO–Absolutely Not!’  I will never wear a light blue suit in a rock video as long as I live! Since we had to cancel all the live shows, it was great to have the cameras on us. Things had started rolling again, and we were rolling right into it all as well!  It felt good to be getting back to the action.” –

“It was a unique experience and loads of fun. We spent the day working with professionals, filmographers, a dance troupe and even squeezed in a photo shoot to boot! It was really a kick…!” –

“It was a blast for us to go a different direction musically and visually for this project. Couldn’t be happier with the outcome” –Bobby Amodeo


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