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Photo (left to right): Deanna Passarella, Nick Perri, John Bach, Josh Bartholomew

Guitarist Confirms Plans for New Project

(LOS ANGELES) – Accompanying an official music release for the group’s debut single, “It Ain’t Easy,” – now available for on iTunes and other music networks – announced the new moniker of his - quartet this morning: Mount Holly.

Formerly titled The Group, the has garnered attention over the past six months through brief East and West Coast tours. Today, revealed the “It Ain’t Easy” on its new channel and can be viewed below:

Filmed by media professional Austin M. Bauman, the riveting transitions between scenic downtown driving and intimate, electrifying group performance. It showcases Perri alongside bassist Deanna Passarella, drummer John Bach and vocalist Josh Bartholomew – a -nominated artist who also recorded and mixed the single.

Perri says the group’s amended name more accurately reflects its collaborative nature and pays homage to the town in which it initially formed in 2014.

“I started this project by calling some of the best musicians I know, who also happen to be dear friends, to a handful of shows with me,” said Perri. “The remarkable chemistry experienced over the course of just a few short tours surprised us all. The decision was unanimous: ‘This is a real band. Let’s do it.’”

Addressing the group’s future plans, Bartholomew says is currently writing and recording more music, as well as scheduling both national and international dates.

“This has been a tremendously creative time for us, and everything is flowing and happening very naturally,” said Bartholomew. “We’ve been working hard non-stop, and it feels great – almost like we’re getting away with something. This is the all of us have always to be in.”

The will perform its inaugural show under the new name Tuesday, March 10 at The in Hollywood. Tickets can be purchased through the venue’s website.

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