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Ninjaspy_-_2014_promo_photo_small 5-14-14Vancouver, BC’s high flying, super entertaining, much adored cross breed of metal and ska, NINJASPY (a band of brothers literally), are proud to launch their new Indiegogo campaign to record their next full length album since releasing their cult followed debut ‘Pi Nature’ in 2007 produced by GGGarth Richardson and Ben Kaplan.

“Today marks the first step towards the making of a new record and we couldn’t be more excited. The campaign is going to bring us closer to our fans in ways we’ve never experienced and frankly it seems appropriate. There should never be a disconnect between artists and people who love their work”. Comments drummer Adam Parent.

Ninjaspy‘s goal is to raise $10,000 to record, produce and market the album, fans who donate to the campaign are offered the following perks:

Indiegogo Link:

Crowd Funding Video –

Option 1: Digital Album: Receive the digital download of MP3’s, wicked awesome album art and liner notes.

Option 2: Digital Album / CD: Receive the digital download of MP3’s, wicked awesome album art and liner notes, and an autographed CD.

Option 3: Digital / CD / Shirt: Receive the digital download of MP3’s, wicked awesome album art and liner notes, autographed CD, and a stylin new Ninjaspy shirt to replace the one with blood stains and holes in it.

Option 4: Digital / Vinyl: Receive the digital download of MP3’s, wicked awesome album art and liner notes, and an autographed copy of the band’s first limited edition vinyl release.

Option 5: Digital / CD / Shirt / Vinyl: The full swag spectrum. Receive the digital download of MP3’s, wicked awesome album art and liner notes, autographed CD, bad ass shirt, and an autographed copy of the band’s first limited edition vinyl release.

Option 6: Listening Party VIP: VIP admission to official album listening party. Stand side by side with the band and production team as they experience the recordings for the first time. Details TBA.

Option 7: Private Lesson: Sit down at the band’s rehearsal space with any member to learn about the approach, technique and inspiration behind how they make music. (Includes digital download)

Option 8: The Last Scarfhood: Once upon a time, the band made hand sewn “Ten Chi Jin” Scarfhoods. They only have 1 left and they will never be made again. (Includes digital download)

Option 9: Dinner With The band: Location: East Vancouver the band will treat you and a friend to an incredible evening of good food, drinks, music and conversation. Funny things WILL happen. (Includes digital download)

Option 10: Private Concert Option 1: Location: Anywhere in the Lower Mainland We will come to your living room or location of your choice and perform a selection of acoustic Ninjaspy tunes. (Includes digital download)

Option 11: Custom “Guitana”: Handmade by Ninjoelspy, the Guitana is a one stringed instrument crafted from a bokken, which is commonly used in kendo and other sword based martial arts practices. Picture yourself playing a wooden sword with a chopstick and a slide, with the knowledge that only you, Ninjoelspy, and Hatsumi Sensei, grandmaster of the 9 surviving schools of bujinkan, own this instrument. (Includes digital download)

Option 12: Private Concert Option 2: Location: East Vancouver: You and 10 friends can enjoy a private face melting courtesy of yours truly. Just show up, crush a few beers and enjoy the show.

Option 13: Private Jam/Recording Session: Location: East Vancouver: Got some songs but no band? Spend a day at our rehearsal space jamming and recording your ideas. (Includes digital download)

Ninjaspy will also be on tour across Western Canada for thei ‘Jump Ya Bones Tour’ kicking off their first date in Pitt Meadows, BC on April 4th and trekking as far as Thunder Bay, ON to wrap up the tour in Kamloops, BC on April 27th. (dates below)
Following ‘Pi Nature’, Ninjaspy has toured across Canada on multiple occasions including touring Japan in 2010 (watch video here) winning over legions of fans along the way. In 2013, they unleashed their musical graphic novel ‘No Kata’ with the single ‘Skaingkh (The Skank)’ (animated version can be viewed below).Ninjaspy 5-14-14

Skaingkh (The Skank) –

No Kata Graphic Novel –

EP Stream and Digital Graphic Novel – No Kata (2013) –

Album Stream – Nature (2007) –

Music Video – Circle Pity (2011) –

Music Video – Evolution of Skid (2009) –


Tour Event Link:

4/4/2014 – Pitt Meadows, BC @ Pitt Meadows Church Hall (All Ages) w/ Guts and Glory, The Nautilus

4/5/2014 – Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater (19+) w/ NYLITHIA, HARVEST THE INFECTION, ICOSIAN, SKULL VULTURES

4/11/2014 – Nanaimo, BC @ Cavalotti Hall (All Ages) w/ Season To Attack, Ellice Blackout

4/12/2014 – Victoria, BC – “RUDEFEST” @ Victoria Event Centre (All Ages + 19+ BEER GARDEN) w/ Sweetleaf, Blackwood Kings, Fins Out

4/16/2014 – Kelowna, BC @ The Habitat (19+) w/ To Rise As Kings, Gomorrah

4/17/2014 – Siksika Nation, AB @ Siksika Pow Wow Arbor (All Ages)

4/18/2014 – Saskatoon, SK @ Rock Bottom (19+) w/ Thresh

4/19/2014 – Winnipeg, MB @ The Zoo (18+)

4/21/2014 – Thunder Bay, ON @ Black Pirates Pub (All Ages)

4/23/2014 – Brandon, MB @ North Hill Inn ( 19+)

4/24/2014 – Edmonton, AB @ The Studio (18+) w/ Samandriel, Grounded Star

4/25/2014 – Calgary, AB @ TBA

4/26/2014 – Red Deer, AB @ The Vat Pub (18+) w/ All Else Fails, Illusive Man, Cryptosis

4/27/2014 – Kamloops, BC @ The Dirty Jersey (19+)

For more info, please follow the band at these links:

“I am so scared of this…but that’s good.” – Bob Ezrin

“Think a 3 piece Mr. Bungle with Patton’s vocals taking a turn for the better, add some laser beams and dreads, turn it all up to eleven, stand the fuck back and enjoy.” – Ground Report , NYC

“Pay attention Canadian recording industry, Ninjaspy is on the rise and the people’s salvation is at hand.” -Absolute Underground Magazine

“Soaring vocal harmonies are there one minute and replaced with a throaty growl the next. “Pure Sketch” is a sure-fire modern rock radio hit, as the post-grunge frame work gets stirred up into a tasty seventies inspired soul/funk soup”. –

“Bloody well are entertaining. All dreadlocks and fricking samurai swords, giant pants and flying limbs. Not a speck of the stage was left untouched by this band’s chaotic feet.” – Cord Magazine

“The album itself is a blend of Hardcore, Punk, Ska, Rock & Metal, a recipe for brilliance. I urge everyone to check out this band, you may just re-evaluate your existence” – Infinitybasement

Ninjaspy arose with the dawn of the year of six, embodied by the Triad in Blood: Vocalist/Guitarist Joel Parent, Drummer Adam Parent and Bassist Tim Parent. Rising above the mire of their faceless six year muse, they have focused their sights on the mission objectives now at hand: Swift, surgical amalgamation of a spectrum of styles and the subsequent eradication of narrow mindedness. Advocating total freedom of expression and infiltrating every earthen sinew in their chosen path in order to stay grounded and facilitate real connections with others; interactions that are crucial for a meaningful human existence. In correlation with a commitment to people before all else, support for Ninjaspy has grown with every show, every tour and every industry contact.

With the help of prolific producers, GGGarth Richardson and Ben Kaplan, they entered the next level of their career, releasing their debut cd pature (Pi Nature) in the fall of 2007. Ever reworking new ideas to their utmost potential, 2013 saw the release of the follow-up multi-media EP/Graphic Novella “NINJASPY NO KATA” with production by the same team of producers.

Equipped and, indeed, armed with their own musical weaponry, (a derivation of hardcore, ska, grunge, reggae, funk and more) Ninjaspy aim to engage people with radical ideas on a level plane. And above all else, to reiterate to people over and again, the importance of victory in the eternal conflict with the skank; the vicious and relentless evil that lives in every human being. The skank that is overcome each time Ninjaspy has the honour of sharing their crafts with people in a live environment, where dancing destroys the enemy. The enemy whose defeat is apparent as one witnesses the total freedom felt at every show by the people in the pit who rise up to throw the skank down.

2007 – pature (Pi Nature) – LP
2011 – Skaingkh (The Skank) – Digital Single
2013 – No Kata – EP

Shared Stage With:
Periphery, Twelve Foot Ninja, Protest the Hero, Coheed & Cambria, Thursday, Cancer Bats, Death By Stereo, 3 Inches of Blood, Today Is The Day, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Brutal Truth, Divinity, Bring Me The Horizon, Neuraxis, Pierce The Veil, Powerman 5000, Grimskunk, The Dreadnoughts.

Warped Tour (Vancouver BC)
Taste of Chaos (Calgary AB)
Armstrong Open Air (Armstrong BC)
NXNE (Toronto ON)
New Music West (Vancouver BC)
The Big Easy (Nanaimo BC)

Heartbeat Percussion
Los Cabos Drumsticks
Kinal Instruments

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