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OPENING SCENERY announce that they parted ways from their guitarist Vincenzo Frasca’. The band motivate the split ’cause the guitarist and his former bandmates simply “grew apart, he has other interest to pursue”.¬†Vincenzo Frasca’ was one of the founding members in 2003 along with Mattia Rubino (drums). Mattia says “If you’re gonna write music and play live together, you’ve gotta be hitting on all cylinders – everybody’s gotta be on the same page. So instead of going into the studio and trying to force something and just throwing out a record there we thought it would be better if we part ways now while we’re still on good terms”.

At this time the band reveals they are looking for a new guitarist, they are auditioning more than ones and the name of the new guys will be announced pretty soon. So, stay tuned!

Next Show: 09/02/2013 Audiodrome Live Club РMoncalieri (Turin РItaly) supporting Vision Divine


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