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chastain13Guitarist David T. and vocalist Leather Leone have reformed the original . David and Leather have been writing material since January and have solidified the tracks for the new Cd. Also back in the saddle is original bassist Mike Skimmerhorn. The drum tracks were recently recorded in Norway by Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan’s Mind/Firewind) as original drummer Fred Coury is still touring and a full time member with the band Cinderella.

The Leather fronted recorded 5 critically acclaimed Cds in the mid to late 80s and 1990:

85- Mystery of Illusion

86- Ruler of the Wasteland

87- The 7th of Never

88- The Voice of the Cult

90- For Those Who Dare.

After the For Those Who Dare tour, David and Leather amicably went their separate ways but kept in touch over the years. Leather decided to reenter the ‘metal wars’ and released the Sledge Leather Project “Imagine Me Alive” Cd in 2012.

Of the newly reformed David states: “We are trying to write and record music that is expected of us but with some modern twists and turns. We demoed up 20 tracks and it was difficult to leave any of the them off the new Cd. Stian did an amazing job with the drum tracks and his performance is probably the best drumming on any release to date. Unlike the old days, this time in the studio we have been in no rush. However at this point we are in the home stretch. We just wanted to make sure the music would live up to our past releases.”

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