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PAIN OF SALVATION LIVE - FB - 10-15-15Swedish progressive rock innovators have kept busy working on various new recording projects ever since their latest release, the semi- album “” from January 2015. Having just returned from some successful shows in Russia, have now also announced a next string of shows in The Netherlands and Italy.


Additionally, following up on their latest “Road Salt” releases, have now started to work on material for their next studio album effort, a concept album that goes back to the band’s harder and heavier roots of the early 2000’s. ’s Daniel Gildenlöw has checked in with a brief status report on the band’s current activities:

“We have a few gigs on the horizon, but in all honesty, our true focus is on the next studio album right now. Ragnar and I truly enjoy writing music together, and have that sort of completing-each-other’s-sentences dynamics to our writing that I have only found in very few people over the years. We have very creative writing sessions, and we can’t wait for the fans to hear the new material! You’ll see a hungry and strong Pain of Salvation, confidently returning to a harder and heavier form, musically. Still, as always, without losing the intimacy and originality that has been the trademark of the band ever since the first album. Anyone who has witnessed on stage what today’s Pain of Salvation are capable of, will understand how much I am looking forward to show them what we can do in a studio.”

At the same time as new material is being elaborated, Pain of Salvation are also wrapping up work on some special live and DVD recordings, which will see the light of day in 2016. Look forward to a busy year for Pain of Salvation and more info about the upcoming release/s will be communicated soon…

In promotion of the previous “” release, a video clip for its title track “” was shot in Iceland by director Hilmir Berg Ragnarsson and produced by Hilmir Berg Ragnarsson and Soley Astudottir. Check it out here:

Also, a very atmospheric video clip directed by Stefan Daniels for the version of the song “1979” was launched at the following location: 
An audio stream of “1979” (Off “”) can be heard here: 

And the track “Linoleum” (Off “Falling Home”) can be heard here:

“Falling Home” is a very special release, which contains reimagined versions of favorite catalog songs, two cover versions (“Holy Diver” by Dio and “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed) and a brand new song (The title track, “Falling Home”).

Order “Falling Home” CD from the InsideOut Shop here: PAIN OF SALVATION FB PIC 10-15-15

Pain of Salvation Line-Up 2015:

Daniel Gildenlöw – lead vocals, guitars
Ragnar Zolberg – acoustic guitars, vocals
Léo Margarit – drums, vocals
Daniel D2 Karlsson – rhodes, organs, vocals
Gustaf Hielm – acoustic basses, upright bass, vocals

Pain of Salvation – Live 2015:

Oct. 29, 2015 NL – Enschede @ Atak

Oct. 30, 2015 NL – Apeldoorn @ Gigant

Oct. 31, 2015 NL – Amstelveen @ P60

Dec. 12, 2015 IT – Rome @ Crossroads Live Club
Dec. 13, 2015 IT – Milano @ Circolo Magnolia

More dates to come…



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