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PATRICK DENNIS PROMO 6-20-15-based artist releases his debut full-length solo FÜRST IN via Wharfechild Recording Co. which premiered June 18th,  with indie/ music site DIFFUSER.  who said, “…we’re beyond ecstatic to give the chance to hear his new record, Fürst in the Dirt, in its entirety… “FÜRST IN -available on iTunes (and similar retailers) in addition to a special limited pressing -was recorded by the singer, songwriter and guitaristat Nashville, TN’s Sound directly to analog tape and engineered/produced by Adam Landry and Justin Collins (collectively known as Cosmic Thug) who have also worked with the likes of T. Hardy Morris, Deer Tick, Nikki Lane, k.d. langand Diamond Rugs.

Listen to “ and Shine” and read an in-depth Q&A with DENNIS onARTIST DIRECT HERE and you can hear “Hit of You” via  AND TAXES HERE. MYSPACE.COM who featured DENNIS as an “Artist of the Day” also premiered “The Last Drop” which can be streamed HERE. The official for the album’s “Kissing the Beast” debuted withDIFFUSER. and can be viewed HERE.

“Circumstances weren’t necessarily easy when we made this record,” Dennis tells DIFFUSER.FM. “My personal and professional life was in the air, but everything about being there at in made it easy to just shut all of that out and go spelunking for tunes. It was an open and inspired place to be. You can hear it in the record. That’s joy. Joy at being able to make this noise again after leaving two bands and going broke, that there was no agenda or expectation to have anyone even hear these songs. Doing it truly for yourself? Now, that’s freedom. Sure, there’s anger scattered in there and there’s humor hidden all over the place but there’s also my excitement at just still being here, and loving life, surrounded by talented friends making noise again.”

DENNIS will be performing Saturday, June 27 in San Diego, at Casbah. on the bill that night are John Doe (of the X) and Jesse Dayton. Tickets are now available.  More of this year’s plans TBA.

“Patrick wasn’t afraid to push boundaries. He placed importance on creating something all his own over fitting into genre pitfalls,” says Adam Landry of Cosmic Thug.”The goal was always clear; to make an that expressed the true nature of each contributor’s authentic self. and Roll isn’t a bad byproduct.”PATRICK DENNIS CD ART 6-20-15

Rob Crowell of Deer Tick, who plays Keyboards and Sax on FÜRST IN THE DIRT, reflects that “working on this was a pleasure. Patrick’s music combines a raw ethos with a sense of craft, resulting in songs that are well constructed but still nasty in the best sort of way.”

DENNIS decided to take his career in a new direction following the dismantlement of his previous bands (Wirepony and Truckee Brothers). During a party in Las Cruces, New Mexico on his way home from the last tour, he met painter Carlos Estrada Vega. “We ended huddled over a bottle of wine in the corner while the party went on around us having a long and deep discussion about art, life, and our responsibility to the passions that drove each of us,” says DENNIS. “He challenged me to that the passions that drove me to create, to make music, and even to our lives were actually gifts-real gifts.”



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