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California Christian metal act are excited to release their B-Sides & Rarities EP entitled The Bridge Between today on Red Cord Records. The release may be bought on iTunes and consists of four unplugged/acoustically arranged (three taken from thegodmachine and one being brand new) songs, and three full band tracks that did not make the final cut of the critically-acclaimed 2011 album entitled thegodmachine.

The Bridge Between came about amidst 25 weeks of touring in the past year. The band had this to say about the release, “We are so excited to share these songs with you as it will give you a clearer window into us as musicians and songwriters. Collectively we enjoy a vast amount of music ranging from Brand New to Born Of Osiris, so hopefully this will show you that ‘range’ in our songwriting, taste, and ability.” The artwork for The Bridge Between was created by the insanely talented Trent Tieso, who also pieced together the haunting artwork of thegodmachine.

  1. Panhammer
  2. Well If the Earths Are Stopped, Then the Fox Faces the Hounds
  3. David and the Gate
  4. A Pattern In Pain (Acoustic)
  5. Enkindler
  6. Crowns (Acoustic)
  7. The Wishing Well (Acoustic, Feat. Ann Marie Flathers)


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