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Busy and memorable are two adjectives that most come to mind regarding Venturacounty rock group, PIRANHA (formerly Feisty Piranhas). Busy, in that the group is putting the finishing touches on their highly-anticipated new album set to be released this Fall; memorable, in that this marks one of the few shows the band is performing in 2012 while they are hard at work with Producer Ryan Greene in Piranha Studios putting the finishing touches on the soon to be released album. PIRANHA is performing as Direct Support for hard rock icons D.R.I. at the Ventura Theater on Friday, October 5.  Peter Lust and Peter Alex Lust plan to continue playing, writing music, playing on future records and take an active role in a re focusing of the Piranha High technology studio.  With over 3,000 Sq. feet and full HD video and latest pro tools technology the recording studio is one of the highest technological facilities available.

PIRANHA’S rhythmically tight, finely-tuned power-pop/punk has made them a well-known commodity inSouthern Californiaover the last decade.

“PIRANHA has a very melodic but in-your-face sound that mixes punk, reggae, ska, and pop punk…at The Key Club the band were able to play to the crowd’s needs and gained new fans with their Sublime-ish/reggae-ish tone of music. Even the hard rockers were clapping to the PIRANHAS groove, finishing it off with a solid cover of Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”  ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE

“PIRANHA have sunk their teeth into the SoCal music scene.” VENTURA COUNTY STAR

“PIRANHA came down from Ventura County to spread the concept of community and integrity throughout the independent music scene as well as to properly rock out an eight‐song set…the band put on a valiant display, serving as the perfect appetizer for FEAR’s eight‐course beating.”   WEST HOLLYWOOD PATCH

“PIRANHA is led on vocals and guitar by 24-year-old Peter Alexander Lust III and backed up by his father, Peter Lust (“Pops”), a spacecraft consultant by day and punk rock drummer by night. The show should make for an interesting audience mix as the more mature B.O.C. fans mingle with some feisty pop punkers in the pit.”   VENTURA COUNTY REPORTER

“PIRANHA played an amazing show…their stage presence is awesome and they’re great guys to boot.”  SLAPPY GRIND MAGAZINE

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