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When you hear the name POOBAH, you instantly remain of the whole 70s rock scene. Your feel the vibrations of Jimi Hendrix’ electric explorations, and the excitement of heavy music’s early stages. The band is more than just a witness of these times, they are true pillars. In 1972, guitarist/vocalist Jim Gustafson, like so many young rockers, put together a band. With the help of high school chum and bass player Phil Jones, they searched for and added drummer Glenn Wiseman. The band came to be known as POOBAH and recorded what would become one of the quintessential albums in the bands catalog, ‘Let Me In’.
With a completely new line-up, Gustafson led the band into the studio in 1976 to record the bands second LP, ‘U.S. Rock’. With the record selling exceptionally well, the bands cult status continued to strengthen, but poor management and the typical industry pitfalls hampered the band from finding the wider success that they so richly deserved. By 1979, their made their way to the recording studio for album number three, ‘Steamroller’.
Ten guitar powered studio albums and thirty years later, POOBAH is still at it, playing his distinctive brand of heavy rock to clubs filled with fans, old and new. Over the course of four decades, Gustafson has the distinction of playing the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame more than any other musician. As of 2010, Jim Gustafson has signed on with indie record label Ripple Music to re-release POOBAH’s debut album ‘Let Me In’ – re-mastered by underground cult hero Tony Reed (Mos Generator). The fifth vinyl repress of ‘Let Me In’ is out now on Ripple Music.
POOBAH ‘Let Me In’ lineup:
Jim Gustafson – Guitars/Vocals
Phil Jones – Bass
Glenn Wiseman – Drums
Current lineup:
Jim Gustafson – Voice, guitar, songwriter
Lori Powers – Percussion, backing vocals
Mike Lewis – Bass, backing vocals
Mike Fortino – Drums, backing vocals

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