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CROP Pop Cautious Records

The world famous (infamous?) Hotel in was the scene for the launch party for Records. The hotel has many decades of music history behind it, and the hallways are lined with rock ‘n roll photos and memorabilia. Every big name in music has probably stayed—and partied—there at some point in their career.

CROP 11001084_942353082443777_1352819225_o is a record label and a band, both fronted by Tyler Porterfield. He is incredibly polite and somewhat shy ( hopes that the L.A. music industry doesn’t chew him and spit out) and the event was the coming-out for his label. The crowd was eclectic—everyone from long-haired to artsy types, and there were three groups performing small sets: Seneca and The River, and Luke Strand.

The music was on the softer side…think singer-songwriter tunes, much as you’d find in a coffeehouse or college town. It fit the environment perfectly: A cozy courtyard in the hotel, with lights overhead among the trees.

has to admire Porterfield’s ambition and drive. Startups are incredibly difficult in any business, and even more so in the entertainment industry. He clearly has a passion for the music of the on his label, and we at Screamer wish the best of luck in his endeavor.

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