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With Halloween nearing in just a week, what better timing for the boys of Boston’s Sonic Pulse, the beer-fueled, power thrashing super group featuring members of Razormaze, Skull Hammer, Ravage and Vindicator to unleash their new music video ‘Bong Zombies’, the directorial debut by vocalist Dan Hammer. 

“Directing the video was actually one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. There’s nothing more fun than trying to keep 10 metalheads, most of who have likely have some form of ADD, on task and trying to keep track of the shots that need to be taken at the same time. The graveyard scenes were filmed secret-agent style by sneaking into a graveyard with 40lbs of dry ice along with a fake bong and lighting equipment at night, with the rest being filmed at or around my house and in an abandoned room in a warehouse. You’ve gotta use guerrilla tactics if you want to save money on production lol!” comments Dan Hammer.

The video is in support of SP’s new album ‘Lager Than Life’, which is now available digitally and on CD at the band’s bandcamp and will soon be released as a limited edition vinyl with only 500 copies via a soon to be named label.

Track Listing for Sonic Pulse – Lager Than Life

  1. Sonic Pulse (5:15)
  2. Queen of Beers (4:45)
  3. Bong Zombies (5:58)
  4. Eye of The Beerholder (6:14)
  5. Demoniac Spell (6:55)
  6. Beyond the Black Hole (5:54)
  7. Adventure Time (1:31)

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