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of the best Australian metalcore bands to come along in years, PRIDELANDS, will release their long-awaited debut full-length album, “Light Bends,” this Friday, January 14th with SharpTone Records. As anticipation continues to spread worldwide, the has just dropped the record’s most vicious track, “Antipathy.”

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Commenting on the new single, vocalist Josh Cory says:

“Antipathy is a song that we wrote to channel and cleanse some of the more negative emotions that we had during the time. It’s certainly the most quote/unquote “angry” song of the album, but it is not that simple. The name itself means that you severely dislike something, or have a strong aversion to it, so the lyrics and instruments try to address this as a double entendre. We feel this deep-seeded anger towards a subject, and also to ourselves for letting it drag us down. It’s a song about the vicious cycle of anger, and how we may try to break that, praying that we and the subject both make it out.”

There can be no hope without despair, no love without loss,” Pridelands’ vocalist/lyricist Joshua Cory explains of Light Bends‘ core lyrical concept. “The chaos is the balance and we must bend toward its will, accepting the shadow as part of the light.”

I never in a million years would’ve imagined that our debut album would end this way,” Liam Fowler – the Melbourne-based, -piece metal band’s guitarist/primary songwriter – proudly admits. “Being our debut album, we wanted it to be ‘perfect’.”

Mission accomplished! As soon as you press play on Light Bends, you’ll be glued to the spot; all ears and powerless to this album’s impact.


As spoilt for choice as Pridelands were in terms of choosing a lead single, they eventually decided on  Tongue. both instrumentally and in terms of its message, this song shines a harsh spotlight on the corruption and mismanagement of the devastating bushfires that raged through from 2019 to 2020. An ominous drone introduces the song, like a shame spiral spewing forth rapidfire riffs and pelting drums. Simultaneous clean and unclean vocals spit unanimous vitriol: “By the time that you acceptThat we’re on The midnight oil spills out from the urnBut all our beds are damned to burn away.”

Elsewhere, opening track I Reach Into Your Heart mourns the devastating impact humanity has had on our planet and Parallel Lines boasts enough sonic ideas and seismic dynamic shifts within the  track to fill an entire album.

The arrangements throughout Pridelands’ striking 11-song collection are supple, lurching, unpredictable and exhilarating. Prepare to be blown away by sudden shifts in tone as serene moments are invaded, unexpectedly, by brutality and chaos. An undercurrent of unease simmers menacingly below the surface, but there’s a sense that catharsis is just out of reach. Pridelands take aim and really take it there on their debut record. Light Bends is  hellavu wild ride. Jamie Marinos sat in the producer’s chair for Pridelands’ second EP, 2018’s critically acclaimed Any Colour You Desire, and returned to the fold for Light Bends. But when COVID-related lockdown struck, the took over production and engineering duties.

Light Bends” Tracklisting:
1. I Reach Into Your
2. The Walls
3. Parallel Lines
4. Parted Time
5. The Lake of Twisted Limbs
6. Safer Here
7. Tongue
8. Antipathy
9. Translucent Blues
10. Evergrowth
11. The Sun Will Find Us

Joshua Cory (vocals), Mason Bunt (vocals), Liam Fowler (guitar), Daniel Lohrey (bass) and Joe Lipsham (drums).

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