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PRIME MERIDIAN PROMO 10-12-15Famined Records’ artist Prime Meridian has just released the teaser for their forthcoming self-titled album that they are pleased to announce will release on December 11th. This full length album, for which the teaser can be viewed HERE, will be the band’s follow-up to their 2013 full length Dialogues. Vocalist Shae Portner had this to say on the album, “Our new album is about an individual who is suffering from an immense case of depression. Every night he has a dream where he finally ends it by his own hands. These dreams seem almost too real, like an out of body experience, for the individual. Although he is not afraid of death, he is most afraid of how it will affect the ones he loves. As he delves deeper into his own madness, he often wonders if the people he loves, in return, love him back. This causes a regressive form of hate where these thoughts almost become a new obsession. This album is a narrative of his out of body experiences, his thoughts, and his proposed thoughts of those who loved him.”



PRIME MERIDIAN (December 11th)

  1. Wrapped In Plastic
    2. Underbite
    3. Tar Kiss
    4. Turpentine
    5. Mahogany
    6. Indian
    7. Furnace
    8. Mother Fox
    9. Haunt

About Prime Meridian:PRIME MERIDIAN CD ART  10-12-15

A Prime Meridian is defined as an arbitrary geographic border that works to split the earth into two great circles—hemispheres as they are more commonly called. While ultimately, the placement of such a landmark is defined and crafted by man, it brings forth something much more—something greater: perfect balance between two equally awe-inspiring bodies. With this definition in mind, there is no better description for the music of Pennsylvania’s progressive deathcore duo, Prime Meridian. With a combination of tremendous, technically marvelous grooves and bone-crushingly brutalizing breakdowns, the music crafted by these two titans of terrifyingly intense music is a perfect example of brilliant, beautiful balance—brought into being by the hands of mere man.

Prime Meridian began in the fall of 2011, a project spawned by musician Eric Fletcher and vocalist Shae Portner out of the collapse of their previous band, The Eros Blueprints. After a series of rough initial recordings, the duo did what they do best—create. Their debut EP Widow was released shortly after the turn of the new year, showcasing Fletcher and Portner’s true savancy in the realms of heavy music. Not simply satisfied with one EP, Prime Meridian returned once more to the grindstone in 2013, releasing a brief but brutal follow-up to Widow, titled Graveyards. What Widow lacked in maturity and personality, Graveyards certainly gained, adding to the full-bodied sound and structure of Prime Meridian’s music. However, the best was yet to come—the end of 2013 would see the release of the band’s debut full-length release, Dialogues; a release that served as the band’s “ultimate form”—or so it would seem.

2014 is already a bright year for Fletcher and Portner with the release of “The Great Child,” a single that stands to be the group’s most comprehensive sound yet. Packed with dense, crushing heaviness yet cushioned with ethereal touches and atmospheric elements, Prime Meridian’s latest addition to their repertoire serves to show that they aren’t simply satisfied with cracking the listener’s head in two—they want to split the Earth in twain as well.


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