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PURSON - BAND PROMO - 4-6-16Purson welcomes you to Desire’s Magic Theatre…

This 10-track album, the UK act’s latest release, represents a technicolour trip through the mind’s eye of songstress / vocalist / guitarist Rosalie Cunningham, whose signature approach to her craft stands boldly centre- stage, blending progressive complexity and cabaret romp into a compelling, multi-faceted rock ‘n’ roll show.

Cunningham’s vision is a golden ticket through the canyons of imagination, a peephole through the doors of perception, a celebration of surrender… and you’re invited.

Unpredictable yet classic, Desire’s Magic Theatre draws inspiration from the rock operas of the late sixties and early seventies, from such grandiose works as Sgt. Pepper’s… and Bohemian Rhapsody, from The Pretty Things’ S.F. Sorrow and The Small Faces’ Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake; musically, visually and lyrically, it touches on a variety of realms, including folk, prog, psychedelic, gothic & classic rock, blending other-worldly romance with shadowy foreboding, everything delivered with Purson’s inimitable panache…

Recorded in London’s Gizzard Studios (home to all manner of vintage gear), the album makes use of classical instruments and complex arrangements to achieve Cunningham’s progressive vision; later in the process, the singer’s panoramic approach to production ran riot in her own Mushy Room Studios, where she allowed herself to truly explore the outer limits of reel to reel tape, gradually coaxing this labour of love to completion…

Says Cunningham: “Desire’s Magic Theatre has turned out to be everything I’d imagined and more! My world has been so consumed by it that I’ve barely been able to reflect on what it has become: a technicolour variety show, a playful display of the musical whims only briefly hinted at in our previous work; a psychedelic rock opera dedicated to our good friends Sarge Pepper and Zig Stardust. It’s been constantly shape-shifting and developing with all of the wonderful experiences we’ve had.”

The future looks bright for Purson. In the wake of signing a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records, the band have played the UK’s prestigious Download festival and become the proud recipient of the ‘Vanguard Award’ at the Progressive Music Awards 2015 (given on the basis of broad appeal), proving that they have it within them to grab the lapels of the mainstream… and not let go.

Their music may pack a typically British punch, at times evoking the sinister folkish horror of the early ’70s, but it’s music that looks set to resonate around the globe; indeed, the five – Rosalie, George Hudson (guitars), Samuel Robinson (keyboards), Justin Smith (bass) and Raphael Mura (drums) – have recently returned from a six-week tour of North America Special Guesting with ghoulish Bible-bashers Ghost, following on from a stint on the Kiss Kruise IV plus a sold-out Los Angeles debut at the notorious Viper Room.

Next on the agenda is a headline tour of the UK plus selected European shows, with international festivals being lined up for the spring /summer; already, Levitation (in the US) has been conformed for April / May.

‘Electric Landlady’ – the first single / video from Desire’s Magic Theatre; the album is set for worldwide release on April 29th 2016 under the Spinefarm / Machine Elf banner – is the Hendrix / McCartney mash you never knew you wanted; a rocking romp sets the tone, with Cunningham reeling you deep into the rabbit hole with her invitation, “the Electric Landlady wants you to stay”.

We know you will.

“Named after the demonological Great King of Hell, Purson conjure a heady, magikal concoction that recalls Deep Purple, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane and the anxious, mythological folk reckonings of Comus” – Mojo Magazine

“Prog, psych and pop are just some of the ingredients stirred into the cauldron – Cunningham’s sense of drama brings gothic gravity to a raft of songs which, while catchy, are rooted in the doomier soil of rock’s garden” – Classic Rock Magazine

“Their rootsy riffs and Rosalie’s dreamy solos and vocals are just as close to Sabbath’s original blueprint and influence as today’s heavyweights. It’s a magical mystery tour through the roots of heaviness, and it’s bloody fantastic. Do give them your attention” – Classic Rock Presents Prog

“Even by the kaleidoscopic standards of their peers, there’s a potency to Purson, a striking, irreducible otherness that suggests new, vivid standard bearers are upon us” – Metal Hammer Magazine

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