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The Chew Toys 12-1-14Queercore is alive and well in Los Angeles, Eagle Rock specifically, as The Chew Toys have just released their eponymous debut album on their own imprint label, Noise Barn Records.  The Northeast LA (NELA) duo of  Kevin Dickson (guitars, vocals) and Jay Tag (drums, guitars, vocals) have partnered up to create a raucous  sonic love letter to themselves and a wide net of friends/fans and like-minded listeners everywhere.  Produced by Eric “Big Arm” Hurst (Way To Go Genius) and the band, their rambunctious sound incorporates garage rock, punk and a hearty dose of twang somehow channeling the spirits of Darby Crash, Wendy O Williams, Lux Interior and Johnny Cash in an unholy séance of a recording.  CHEW TOYS is available on black, white and blue tri-color vinyl and digitally at all reputable vendors including Permanent Records, Amoeba, M Theory and more.  Visit for more info and to order music.

CHEW TOYS hearkens back to an era when alternative gay LA was hanging out every Sunday on the corner of Santa Monica and Vermont for an afternoon of mostly hardcore live music and frivolity (Club Sucker circa late ‘90s).  Married in music and in life, Kevin and Jay have distilled a lifetime of absorbing local punk energy first hand and an obsessive admiration for the scene of yore roiling in clubs like the Masque and Madame Wong’s on their debut recording.  Their intensely subjective, highly irreverent songs touch on subjects ranging from drunkenness, gay bear daddy issues, Quaalude flashbacks and the personal lives of their inner circle of friends.  Despite their healthy self-absorption, The Chew Toys are connecting with an ever-expanding circle of fans performing nonstop and proudly waving their freak flag alongside musical compatriots such as Clutch the Pearls, Endless Bummer, BC and Pansy Division to name a few.

The band will spend the rest of 2014 performing select shows and recording new songs.


CHEW TOYS track listing

1)      Crying On The Inside

2)      Shutdown

3)      Old Frosty Mug

4)      Miss Quaaludes

5)      Fat Heathers

6)      I Hate Xmas

7)      We Are Chew Toys

8)      Leather Sweater

9)      No Soy Tu Papi

10)   Larry (Of The Rodeo)

11)   Beantown Boys

12)   Timmy Nutbag

13)   Nothing

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