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RavenLord have announced to work on close collaboration with R-MINE PRODUCTIONS. The Belgium based booking agency is known for their many Summer festivals that they organise in Europe as well as tour planing for many bands.  is already confirmed for the R-MINE METALFEST 2013 playing main stage Saturday 22nd June 2013. On later this year an EU/UK tour is in planning in early October 2013.

Singer and bandleader CSABA ZVEKAN comments on this venture: “The interest for  has grown rapidly so I had to outsource even the booking part that I was doing myself before. The workload was simply getting too much work so I contacted GIANNI RIGA from R-MINE. I wanted a professional outfit who can handle and organise our tour and festivals with ease. I’m very confident we have great results with R-MINE PRODUCTIONS.

Booking agent ALESSIA MENEGATTI from R-MINE PRODUCTIONS comments: “I am very pleased and honoured to work with these guys. They’re not just great and experienced musicians but also very cool and nice people. First album is amazing and the interest of medias, press and fans is growing amazingly fast. It’s a true revelation for all metal fans; also the bored ones! This band is setting sail to far destinations and I am glad to be on board!

RAVEN LORD seeking a bass player. Players who think can fit the bill, have gear and have the time for festivals and tour in October ’13 should contact the management immediately at

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