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REBEL HOTEL 5-25-14 announce a new show for fans in the O.C., May 31st at the Tiki Bar, in Costa Mesa, CA.  Originating in CA in 2010, they recorded 2 EP’s called, & EP 2.  In 2013 the band moved to Hollywood and recorded another EP of 5 songs.. “Visualize Believe Conceive” released it in October 2013; with free songs available on their websites.

Their unique sound stems from the roots of three different nationalities from all over the world influenced by rock, blues, heavy metal, pop and punk mixed together in a Rock n’ Roll cocktail of their own, which they prefer to serve with full energy.

are the connoisseurs of catchy Rock n’ Roll, very influenced by bands like Guns n’ Roses, Motley Crue, Hellacopters, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and bands that play from their hearts like it used to be done; and of course with a flavor of the Scandinavian rock.  So beware–lock up your daughters, wives, and liquor cabinets.

 – Guns n’ Roses-MC5-Heart-Supernova.. “Its nice to hear a straight forward Rock n’ Roll band, I like this, I would buy this”

95.5 – “Its refreshing to hear a band with loud guitars that plays actual Rock Music”

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