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THE RECORD PARLOUR PROMO 6-11-15“The new airy and cavernous space [the Americana Lounge], with roughly 20-feet ceilings, exposed brick and wooden beams, has the same vintage aesthetic and funhouse vibe as . Both feature a treasure trove of Honetschlaeger’s collection of , -made audio gear and memorabilia. Currently on display in the Americana Lounge is a fully-functional 1939 jukebox playing 78 rpm records, a full-sized wooden phone booth, a Hollywood-themed pinball machine, a gumball dispenser shaped like a rocket and, perhaps most impressive, a 1974 Ford Gran Torino (Starsky & Hutch‘s vehicle of choice) that is cut in half and being used as a DJ booth.”  –Andy Gensler,

The newest and most distinguished record store to open up in Los Angeles, –in the heart of Hollywood–offers a unique live music experience. The store provides a one-of-a-kind environment with an authentic vibe: as artists perform live, they’re surrounded by over 30,000 records, vintage stereo gear and music memorabilia. Chris Honetschlaeger, the founder , has now announced via a new music and cultural venue for Hollywood: THE AMERICANA LOUNGE, set to open this December around the corner from THE RECORD PARLOUR. Read the full interview and story about THE AMERICANA LOUNGE (HERE).

THE RECORD PARLOUR–a vintage shop and lifestyle store is–a unique place where artists and fans connect. With over 30,000 records under one roof, they host performances and showcases with proper staging, an incredible sound system and HD video projection for music video premieres. By having only one artist perform per night, THE RECORD PARLOUR creates real connections giving artists time to hang out, visit with their fans and sell their music. This past month, THE RECORD PARLOUR added a third layer and equipped their control room with an Analog Record Lathe to capture and “cut” a band’s Live Performance to  onsite to be distributed at a later date. Literally, artists can come down and play, cut a record on the record lathe, perform it that day to their fans and sell their records. THE RECORD PARLOURshowcases the entire vinyl experience from purchase, performances and production.

THE RECORD PARLOUR is owned and operated by founder ChrisHonetschlaeger and manager/partner Chadwick Hemus. With Chris’ background in vintage equipment and Chadwick’s pedigree as a vinyl curator for the original Amoeba (Berkeley), sound and quality reign overall in performances and selection. THE RECORD PARLOUR’s vintage gear offerings–jukeboxes, amps, microphones, ’70s turn-tables and speakers– are refurbished to pristine condition alongside its vinyl collection which focuses on original releases verses new releases. By combining records and vintage equipment as well as creating a new home to music collecting and live music experiences, all in the heart of Hollywood, THE RECORD PARLOUR is more than a vinyl shop–it is ushering in the Hollywood renaissance.


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