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rev-theory-630x418-lowresRev Theory has returned after a two year absence with a new single that will impact radio immediately.  The composition “Red Light Queen” is one of six the band has completed, with another half dozen tracks in motion.  Singer Rich Luzzi reveals, “Red Light Queen is three minutes of raw in your face energy about the dark secrets of a society that glamorizes excess to the fullest.”

The band will hit the road in May on the ROAD TO THE RANGE tour.  An itinerary will follow imminently, with plans to travel in to Columbus for a triumphant return to perform on the main stage of Rock On The Range.  Puddle of Mudd guitarist Paul Phillips will join the band on tour.  Guitarist Julien Jorgensen shares, “We are F’ing stoked to welcome Paul Phillips to the Rev Family. A friend of the band for some time, he’s a true class act and a 100% badass. We all look forward to rocking the stage with him.”  Phillips adds, “I’ve been friends with the band forever and we used to tour together.  This is the best music they’ve ever made, and I’m just looking forward to working with them, and being a part of taking the music even farther to the next level.”

Over the past two years, the members of Rev Theory took some much needed time off from touring, followed their inner compasses to travel and explore the world each fulfilling personal dreams and inner desires. The band is now back, rejuvenated, better than ever, excited to get back at Melting peoples’ faces with their No BS brand of hard rock.  Singer Rich followed a strong calling and traveled to Mangledesh in Southeast Asia to learn the art of tantric sex. It is here where he mastered unifying the energy fields of Shiva and Shakti.  It is also where he ran in to Paul Phillips, where the legendary guitarist had become a mythic figure in the art of levitation.

Drummer Dave Agoglia backpacked across North America and wrote his first and second books titled I’ll Just Have Water and I’ll Just Have Water With Lemon.  Both books became best sellers, with first editions selling for twenty times the list price in on-line auctions.  Bassist Matty McCloskey moved to Belgium, and learned to brew beer from Jan Adriaensen at Westmalle Trappist Brewery.  Lastly, guitarist Julien Jorgensen travelled to Northern Norway where he came across a spiritual Viking ship, and was welcomed aboard. It is here where he learned to fish, hunt, and feed himself from the gifts of the earth.  No question they each took advantage to the time off from the road making the most of every day out of the spotlight.

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