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Musician Richie Onori is the Rock Over America 2012 “Rock Album Of The Year” recipient for his critically-lauded debut disc, The Days Of Innocence, it was just announced by ROA Editor, Mark Lewis. “When it came to our awards show we had to look at several criteria- fan response, talent level of the artist, the music itself when it came to the albums chosen, etc.,” explains Lewis. “It was like taking an old car, taking it apart and looking at all the pieces, “What do you keep and what do you throw away?” When it came to Richie Onori and his album Days Of Innocence,” there wasn’t “one scrap or rusted-out, throw-away part, so to speak. This was a veritable home run of the highest order!” That’s why we chose Days Of Innocence as Rock Over America’s 2012 Best Rock Album of the Year.”

With songs like the anthemic “It’s Raining In Hollywood” and catchy straight-ahread rock tunes such as “Best Years Of Our Lives,” “Runnin’ Down The Devil’s Road” and the title track, its not surprising the longtime Southern California-based rocker garnered ROA’s top album honor.

Onori  – widely known as the drummer for multi-platinum band Sweet and also a member of Heaven And Earth – launched his solo career last year, with the release of The Days Of Innocence (on which Richie takes front and center as lead guitarist and vocalist) accompanied by some select live shows in theHollywood area.
Diversity is the name of the game for the Los Angeles-based musician/entrepreneur, who also owns a successful line of guitar straps (found at his Onori International website and to be on full display at the 2013 NAMM Convention in Anaheim, Calif. January 24-27). Richie is also the American Distributor for the popular  Albion Amplifiers line.

Watch for the release of the follow-up to The Days Of Innocence this Spring.

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