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Dangerous Toys, the bad boys of southern sleeze rock, capped their incredible run of powerful, memorable studio albums in 1999 with a spectacular live album that they deemed simply too good to follow up. Vitamins And Crash Helmets Tour Live thus became the band’s swan song, the final installment of a catalog that stretched back to 1989 and includes such hard rock classics as “Teas’n, Pleas’n,” “Scared,” “Line ‘Em Up,” “Pissed” and more!

Now this landmark release is being reissued with digitally remastered audio and sinister artwork that revives the band’s evil clown mascot, Bill Z. Bubb. Vocalist/frontman Jason McMaster, who continues to lead a new line-up of Dangerous Toys on stages throughout the US, proves himself a master showman, belting out all of the band’s most beloved anthems and doing it all with the swagger and bravado fans have come to expect. And if that weren’t enough, this reissue includes a vinyl pressing of the album, something that has been sadly missing for over 2 decades. With 4 different vinyl color configurations to choose from, Dangerous Toys fans will feel like a kid in a candy store!

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  1. Outlaw       
  2. Take Me Drunk     
  3. Queen Of The Nile
  4. Bones In The Gutter          
  5. Sportin’ A Woody  
  6. Scared        
  7. Teas’n Pleas’n         
  8. Best Of Friends      
  9. Angel N U 
  10. Ten Boots
  11. Line ‘Em Up        
  12. Gimme No Lip     
  13. Gunfighter For Love        
  14. Promise The Moon          
  15. Pissed       
  16. Share The Kill     
  17. Transmission
  18. Dangerous Toys   

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